6 Ways to build great relationship your Mother-in-Law

They say when you get married, you also marry the family. This could be for the worst or good. Sometimes it might go in the direction you don't necessarily like and you cannot do anything about it. But many a times, the way you approach it makes  lot of differences. It's true that, in the long run, having a great relationship with your in-laws, especially with your mother-in-law, helps a lot in a long sustained relationship. 

1. Tackle the insecurity

Most of the time, the negativity that you might experience from your in-law might come from the fact that she considers you as an outsider who came into the life of her son to steal all the love and affection he has got.  You need to make her feel that that's not the case,  give her a subtle messages through your actions that he would still continue to have the same respect and affection for her.  Have you stopped loving your parents after you got married? No, never and let her know that its same with him too.

2. Don't hesitate to compliment her.

I get it, its not always sunshine and roses, but when you are with your in-law, don't hesitate to compliment her for the good qualities that you see in your husband. Well, there are good chances that some of that might have trickled down from her.  Nothing makes a mother more proud than to hear someone complimenting her on how how she raised a good son.

3. Ask questions.

This applies to every relationship, not only with your mother-in-law. When you are in a conversation, don't be so consumed about what you want to talk but rather give proper attention to what other person is saying and ask questions on what they have talked about. If she was talking about a story from her childhood, ask questions like how her parents were? how her mother-in-law was? (don't get too cheeky :) ) so that she realizes that you genuinely care.  

4. Understand

As they say, we are product of our circumstances.  Its true that some people do come out of the mould, and over the time gains knowledge and wisdom that changes their character.  But that varies from person to person, some people are still chained down by the bitter experiences that they have gone through growing up. So when you hear something that annoy you to the core, before you respond, try to analyze what might have led her to say that. This might change the whole perspective and the way you react.

5. Ask for life advices.

Doing this will make her feel that you really respect her and value her as a person. It's a fact that wisdom comes from age. No matter how educated and well informed you are, it doesn't hurt to get advice from someone who is elder that you. There are some things in life which can only be learned from experiences and getting advice from those experiences might make your life journey lot easier.

6. Bring gifts once in a while

You can never go wrong by bringing her some nice gifts at times. It shows you care, its not about buying expensive ones, but about letting her know that you have spent your time to get her the gift.